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Woman making heart with her handsI am a chiropractic assistant in training. I help set up patients on therapies that we offer so that Dr. Shilpa has more time to treat you efficiently. I first started out as a patient, then when our relationship evolved so did my helping out. I then started watching their kids so that Dr. Shilpa and/or Dr. Anthony so that they didn’t have to worry as much about their kids. Finally I was propositioned to help with office work, that turned out to be fun and I furthered training with Dr. Shilpa to become a chiropractic assistant.

In my free time, I love to bake and be around my pets. My favorite thing to bake would probably be any kind of bread, especially cheese bread. Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh out of the oven homemade bread.

Woman making heart with her hands

Woman making heart with her hands