You may recognize Dr. Shilpa Parikh from WCCO!!

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Chiropractic Care


Neurological Approach:   An instrument assisted approach proven to remove spinal nerve interference, leading to decrease of symptoms. Highly effective method for treating babies, chiildren, patients with osteoporosis, cancer and/or patients who are apprehensive about traditional, structural chiropractic care.


Structural Approach:  A manual method of re-aligning vertebrae to increase nerve flow to vital organs.  Highly effective to restore range of motion and restore normal mobility.




"My life has turned around since seeing these doctors! I love their approach, (keeping it more holistic) and I've never felt this great! They've helped me, my husband and mother decrease our pain and increase our quality of life.They take time to help us feel better and get down the root of our issues. My mother's sees many doctors for her various health problems and not one of them have helped her as much as these guys have! So thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of all of our hearts for all the time and energy you've spent helping us!"


+Darleen G.

"Dr. Shilpa is excellent!  Her knowledge and expertise are top notch!!  Dr. Shilpa has aided in reducing my lower back pain, insomnia, and general anxiety/stress.  I truly look forward to my appointments with her!  Not only does Dr. Shilpa fix me, she also welcomes me back as a friend and is genuine/engaging.  TOP RATING!!!  DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING ANYWHERE ELSE!!!"

                                                                                                    +Marty M.

"Dr. Anthony is outstanding. Available on the weekends and late when injuries happen :-). Very thorough and professional. He was the most detailed, careful, thoughtful Chiropractor I have even seen."


+Mike T.

I recently visited Dr. Shilpa during my visit to MN.  I must say I was a little nervous at first, being that it was my first visit to a chiropractor.  She instantly made me feel at ease and went over the process to make sure I understood everythign.  Immediately when she adjusted my back, I felt I could breathe easier.  When I went to sit in the car I felt as if I was sitting up straighter!  I woudl highly recommend Dr. Shilpa to anyone!  I look forward to my next visit to MN so I can see her again!" 


+Shaya M.


"I moved to Minnesota and began being diagnosed with several different conditions with similar symptoms.  I found that even seeing specialists complicated my symptoms.  When I found Dr. Parikh & the wellness center, my focus increased, my symptoms stopped within 2 sessions and was provided vitamins complementary to expediting my progress.  I am so thankfull that Dr. Parikh works well with my other providers to provide complete care, complete wellness." 


  +Naivasha S.



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