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Meet Dr. Anthony Heaverlo

Dr. Anthony HeaverloFinding a Resolution to Pain

During Dr. Anthony’s undergraduate years, he experienced some serious back pain. Though just 19 years old, he felt like an old man. He went to a chiropractor, however, and a single adjustment was all it took to get relief.

I remember walking back to my car in the parking lot and actually jumping for joy. That’s when I started thinking that chiropractic would be an interesting profession to go into.

An Attitude of Never Giving Up

To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Anthony attended Northwestern Health Sciences University. There, he had the opportunity to work in the student clinic, applying his knowledge in a real-life setting. One patient was married to a fellow student of Dr. Anthony’s and came in to get help with wrist pain.

The man had been to orthopedists, neurologists and other specialists, but still had serious discomfort. Dr. Anthony adjusted the man and gave him some tips to make sure the pain resolved.

Some time later, the man wrote a letter to Dr. Anthony’s supervising clinician to say what a difference his care would make. Dr. Anthony still has that letter today, and it was an experience that shaped the way he treats his patients today – with a driven attitude of never giving up, no matter what.

When you become a patient with Dr. Anthony, you can be sure he will confirm that yours is a chiropractic issue, then find a way to resolve it. He works with many chronic cases, including plantar fasciitis and other difficult conditions.

A Family Man and Dedicated Martial Arts Practitioner

Dr. Anthony is the oldest of three children, and his parents are recently retired. His family also includes wife Dr. Shilpa and their two young boys. Family is his first priority outside of the office. He enjoys martial arts and practices systema, as well as having a black belt in taekwondo. In his spare time, he reads up on different martial arts styles and keeps up on his skills.

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