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About Vitality Chiropractic and Wellness

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

When you think of a candle, what comes to mind? To Dr. Shilpa Parikh, a candle burning bright says vitality and life. It was also a reflection of who Dr. Shilpa was and is to this day, so it was a clear choice for her practice name. After opening in 2013, she began to have a need for another practitioner to assist her – which is where Dr. Anthony Heaverlo came in.

They’d met when both attended Northwestern Health Sciences University and would work together on occasion. It became a natural progression to join forces at Vitality Chiropractic & Wellness.

Osteopath at Work

A Complementary Approach

You’ll find that Dr. Shilpa and Dr. Anthony have skill sets that are a fantastic complement to each other. They work well together but each takes a unique perspective to care, giving the patient a full, comprehensive, and complete experience.

When you start to care, our doctors will look at your structure and function (and outside-in approach) and factors like nutrition, blood work, or hormone balance (and inside-out approach).

You can feel confident that our team will make every effort to solve your health problems, even when you’ve faced a particular challenge for years or even decades.

Have You Been Everywhere Else?

Often, patients seek out Vitality Chiropractic & Wellness because they’ve been to other specialists without getting any results. One such case was a man in his late 20s who’d been battling carpal tunnel syndrome for a decade. Though he’d had surgery on both wrists, it didn’t help. The numbness, tingling and pain wouldn’t go away despite seeing neurologists, physical therapists and chiropractors.

When he came to the clinic, our doctors worked with him for about a month and got a complete resolution to the man’s symptoms.

That’s just one of many stories we have where the underlying issue wasn’t resolved until a patient found us. Typically, it doesn’t take long before we start seeing results!


Meet the Team

Get to Know Us

Anthony Jr. "Aaryu" 

Office Agent

Anthony Jr. has been assisting with the daily fundamental tasks since 4 years of age and is an essential part of our welcoming committee.  His tasks include day to day tasks such as inventory management, quality control, patient management, and office security for controlled entry.  As co-owner of RAJ Naturals and a product of homeschooling, you will often find him at the office assisting Dr. Anthony or Dr. Shilpa, practically applying what he is learning.



Office Agent

J. Jai has been assisting his big brother Aaryu since beginning work here.  His duties include assisting photocopying, inventory management, mailing, getting patients water, and maintaining security of the office.  J.Jai is co-owner of RAJ Naturals and is also currently enrolled in homeschooling. 


Chiropractic Assistant

I am a chiropractic assistant in training. I help set up patients on therapies that we offer so that Dr. Shilpa has more time to treat you efficiently. I first started out as a patient, then when our relationship evolved so did my helping out. I then started watching their kids so that Dr. Shilpa and/or Dr. Anthony didn’t have to worry as much about their kids. Finally, I was propositioned to help with office work, which turned out to be fun and I furthered training with Dr. Shilpa to become a chiropractic assistant.

In my free time, I love to bake and be around my pets. My favorite thing to bake would probably be any kind of bread, especially cheese bread. Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh out of the oven homemade bread.


Our Support Staff

Todd ~ Billing/Acc. Receivables

Todd has been a part of Vitality Chiropractic & Wellness since 2014. His attention to insurance claims and processing allows the in-house team to focus on your care, rather than handling insurance processing.

Samantha ~ Acc. Receivables

Samantha has been a part of Vitality Chiropractic & Wellness since 2015. She works “behind the scenes” facilitating communication between staff, patients, and third parties. In her free time, Samantha enjoys hiking, spending time with her dog, and reading.

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